Matterport is an end-to-end virtual media platform is everything you need to make prospective buyers feel totally immersed in a property and a super cool new tech option for early adopters to set themselves apart from the competition.

I was introduced to the Matterport platform by Michael Seeto, 2015 President of AREAA DFW. He invited me along to meet Aya Hadden of one of DFW’s earliest adopters and now one of my partners in crime all over town.

Within 90 seconds of seeing the tech for the first time, I was all in – I proceeded to dive deep and begin the journey as a Mad Matterporter.

2015-10-16 13.30.57

I’ll meet you at the station…

The process was pretty easy once I got everything ordered via and the 3rd Party Stuff that is necessary.

Pleased to meet you!

Pleased to meet you!

Another thing that is necessary is the Matterport Capture App from the App Store – the app is the connective tissue between tablet and camera.

The camera comes about half charged – which will last a good long while, actually. It will outpace the iPad battery for sure. I recommend charging everyone and everything to full capacity overnight before heading out.

The iPad will see the camera as a WiFi source and connecting is a snap – from there, the learning curve for newbies may or may not be rather pronounced, depending on level of overall proficiency with tech.

I had the good fortune to have an awesome co-pilot to help make my learning curve less pronounced.

Awesome Co-Pilot Not Included

Awesome Co-Pilot Not Included

The scanning itself will be a matter of trial and error for the beginner – walking the property and creating a trail of digital breadcrumbs for the software to process takes some getting used to – it’s useful to think of it from the perspective of a client doing a walkthrough.

Follow the breadcrumbs

Follow the breadcrumbs

Once the property is mapped out, the mesh of the scan is uploaded to the cloud and processed on the Matterport servers.

The finished product can be emailed, embedded, posted to social media or just linked to the hosting page.

The result is a first person perspective, 3D immersive world to walk through – all rendered in 1080p resolution.


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